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Joe and I have been married for 23 years, been in this business for 12 years and going strong, and we have two amazingly wonderful children! We have resided in Eastern and Southern Maine for 15 years where we are very active in our community activities and our children’s actives. My husband and I have been extremely hands-on in our children’s sports ranging from coaching to board members. I have been an active board member on our local football team holding the positions of Vice President and Family Advocate for approximately 6 years. Our children are now currently in college, one at the University of Tennessee and one locally to us. We enjoy traveling, riding on our motorcycle, boating, exercising, going to concerts, watching football, spending time with our children, family and friends.

Prior to becoming a statutory agent for the State of Maine, we gave a combined total of 41 years to law enforcement as a police officer for a local agency. Therefore, with our extensive law enforcement knowledge covering the ever-changing laws pertaining to registrations and titles coupled with my everyday learning experience from The State of Maine BMV in Augusta, I feel that our company, Countrywide Trailer Registrations and our employees are the best fit to work for you and/or your company.

husband and wife owners of Countrywide Trailer Registration

Convenient Trailer Registrations

At Countrywide Trailer Registrations, we make getting your registration, convenient, quick, and stress free. We provide registration for trailers, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, vehicles, and much more across the United States! Whether you’re looking to register a personal vehicle or trailer, or a commercial fleet, Countrywide Trailer Registration can make it happen with fast service and competitive pricing. Register your vehicle or trailer with Countrywide Trailer Registration today!

Getting your vehicle, trailer, or camper registered has never been easier than with Countrywide Trailer Registration! Let us help you through the process today!